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Over $940,000 raised for The Sunshine Foundation of Canada!

OARA Tire Take Back 2015

Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association (OARA) and Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS) are proud to announce the seventh annual OARA Tire Take Back event to raise money for The Sunshine Foundation of Canada. From May 24- June 4*, Ontario residents can drop off unlimited used tires for free at participating Auto Recyclers during business hours across the province. Every single tire dropped off generates a donation to The Sunshine Foundation!

TTB Participants ButtonIt will be easy to drop off your used tires.  With over 50 participating OARA locations across Ontario, it’ll be easy to donate your used tires during this year’s event. Scroll down to the map below to find a location near you.

OARA Members process end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) in an environmentally responsible manner, ensuring the environment is protected from potentially harmful operating fluids and toxins such as mercury and lead.

TTB Dreams

All tire collection allowances from each tire dropped off go towards The Sunshine Foundation of Canada, an organization that makes dreams come true for children who are living with severe physical disabilities or life-threatening illnesses.

Since 2010, our Tire Take Back collection events have raised $940,000 to support this cause. How much can we raise this year to make more dreams come true? We’ll soon find out! 

TTB Partners Button 2015
Read more about our valuable partners. Without the support of the dedicated organizations who collect and haul the thousands of used tires dropped off during Tire Take Back, the event could not be possible. Beyond providing their services, these organizations also contribute financially, so that as many Sunshine Children as possible can have their dreams fulfilled.

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If you have tires on your property that you would like to recycle (usually 50 or more passenger tires), please contact your nearest participating Auto Recycler during the event. They may be able to accept your tires at their location. If there are too many tires for the Auto Recycler to handle, we can arrange to have the tires picked up from your property. The Auto Recycler will ask you some basic information about your property and the tires, and we will arrange for a Registered Tire Hauler to pick up the tires in the weeks following the event.

TTB Social Button 2015Success depends on community involvement and we are calling on you to participate. Share the news with friends so they too can be part of the solution to a sustainable future and support a worthy cause. Help build excitement leading up to the event through social media, or tweet us @RethinkTires and let us know how your community plans to get involved.

Click here to visit RethinkTires on Facebook and find out what we’re up to.

OARA Locations Participating in Tire Take Back 2016

Download all the information and Marketing materials you’ll need to make this year’s OARA Tire Take  Back the most successful ever!  We’ve created website banners, social media visuals and customizable ads and posters to help you promote your event.  From tips and suggestions about how to host a successful event, to working with local community partners, to using social media to help spread the word, our OARA Tire Take Back Marketing Toolkit has everything you need to succeed!

Download the Marketing Toolkit

* Check with your local participating OARA Member to confirm the event dates and times in your area.

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