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From 2009 to 2018, Ontario Tire Stewardship inspired communities and residents across Ontario to rethink the way we see and use old tires. We are proud of our success, and the work done by our network of Ontario Stewards, Collectors, Haulers, Processors and innovative Recycled Product Manufacturers to ensure a more sustainable future. Together, we raised awareness, changed perceptions and helped establish a multi-million dollar industry, creating hundreds of new jobs in Ontario while diverting over 135 million tires from landfills.

Instead of burning tires or sending them to landfills, OTS helped ensure their component materials were reused and recycled into innovative products. These materials had a profound effect on the architecture, construction, landscaping and property management industries across the province.

The groundwork we’ve laid and the innovation we’ve inspired will help ensure a thriving tire recycling industry in Ontario for years to come.


OTS Quick Facts

  • Diverted and recycled over 135 million tires in nine years
  • Cleaned up over 1 million tires in stockpiles across Ontario
  • Collected an average of 12 million used tires annually
  • Over 500 thousand tires collected through OARA’s “Tire Take Back” collection events, resulting in over $1 million in donations to The Sunshine Foundation of Canada
  • 95% of scrap tires collected in Ontario were recycled into sustainable products
  • Provided funding to support 90 community revitalization projects across Ontario
  • $1.5 million in grants awarded to Ontario communities to foster sustainable projects using eco-friendly products made from recycled tires
  • $100 million in economic investments, including $9 million in R&D support, generating hundreds of new jobs in the province
  • $2.47 million in consumer rebate funding to encourage the use of recycled rubber products