What We’ve Accomplished

OTS Impact Report

Launched in 2009, the first year saw OTS far exceed the goals set out in the Used Tires Program, recycling more than 125,000 tonnes of tires – 95% of all on-road tires scrapped at that time – setting a new standard for recycling in Canada.

In that same year, the program represented a $23 million investment in the Ontario tire recycling industry, stimulating economic growth, helping to increase capacity and developing new markets for products made from recycled rubber.

By 2013, OTS had reached a significant landmark – recycling 50,000,000 tires well ahead of schedule.

Thanks to the efforts and support of Ontario residents and businesses, OTS recycled more than 135 million tires in Ontario during its time managing the Used Tires Program, all the while fostering innovation and business within the scrap tire industry, reducing environmental impact and creating green jobs in the province.

From September 2009 to the Used Tires Program wind-up on December 31st, 2018, OTS achieved several important milestones, we:

  • Cleaned up more than 1.5 million tires from piles and properties across the province
  • Stimulated over $100 million of new investments and hundreds of new jobs in the province
  • Ensured that no Ontario tires were burned or sent to landfills
  • Injected over $9 million into R&D to develop sustainable next-generation products containing recycled tire rubber