Tire Take Back Partners

About the OARA 2017 Tire Take Back Event

The OARA Tire Take Back event is an eleven-day tire recycling blitz, hosted by Ontario Auto Recyclers Association (OARA) and its members and Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS), with support from registered tire haulers and processors. The event’s goal is to not only recycle thousands of used tires across the province, but through these efforts, raise funds for The Sunshine Foundation of Canada.

Residents and farmers with old tires they want to have recycled can take them in to over 30 participating OARA auto recyclers, and the recycler will donate any Collector fees they normally receive from OTS. In addition, participating Haulers will also contribute a portion of the fees they normally receive. On average a donated passenger or light truck tire will generate about $1.00 and an agricultural tire will generate $4.00 per tire.

About Ontario Auto Recyclers Association (OARA)
OARA members process end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) in an environmentally responsible manner, ensuring the environment is protected from potentially harmful operating fluids and toxins such as mercury and lead. Participating OARA Members are also registered Tire Collectors with OTS. www.oara.com

About Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS)
Established in 2009, OTS is an Industry Funded Organization (IFO) incorporated under Ontario’s Waste Diversion Act, to implement and operate the Used Tires Program.

At OTS, we are transforming the relationship Ontarians have with the lifecycle of their tires, through a comprehensive approach that takes into account our environment, our economy and our quality of life. Through the Used Tires program, 100 per cent of Ontario tires get efficiently and responsibly recycled into new products, leading to more livable communities and a growing green economy in this province. To date, OTS has helped responsibly recycle more than 85 million tires in Ontario. To learn more, visit www.RethinkTires.ca

About The Sunshine Foundation of Canada
The Sunshine Foundation of Canada a national Canadian charity impacting the lives of children challenged by severe physical disabilities or life-threatening illnesses by making their dreams come true. Dreams allow children to escape from the daily regimen and challenges of living with a severe physical disability or life threatening illness and provide children with a sense of freedom, empowerment and joy. Sunshine has two programs: Sunshine Dreams and the Sunshine DreamLift program. Sunshine Dreams can range from family trips to customized gifts. A Sunshine DreamLift is a whirlwind one day adventure to a Disney theme park for a large group of children. Since its inception in 1987, Sunshine has fulfilled dreams for more than 8,000 children across Canada. For more information, visit www.sunshine.ca

About Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA)
The Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) is the largest general farm organization in Ontario, representing 37,000 farm families across the province. As a dynamic farmer-led organization based in Guelph, the OFA works to represent and champion the interests of Ontario farmers through government relations, farm policy recommendations, research, lobby efforts, community representation, media relations and more. OFA is the leading advocate for Ontario’s farmers and is Ontario’s voice of the farmer. www.ofa.on.ca

About Retire Your Tire
Retire Your Tire is an OTS-registered Hauler supplying efficient, reliable haulage to OTS collectors throughout the province of Ontario. Through the OTS Used Tires Program, Retire Your Tire, along with our partner Collectors and Processors, help contribute to sustainable tire recycling and the reuse of more than 12 million tires sold annually in Ontario. By doing this, Retire Your Tire assists in preventing old tires from accumulating in landfills, back roads, ditches or other areas where tires are dumped illegally.

Specializing in large volume pick-ups, Retire Your Tire accepts all sizes of scrap tires, on or off rims, and 53’ trailers are also available for on-site loading. Full OTS Collector submission services are provided by qualified technical OTS specialist. For more information, visit www.retireyourtire.ca

About Envi-Recycle
It is with great excitement and anticipation that we have the immense opportunity to participate in the 2017 Tire Take Back week. Envi-Recycle is a reputable registered tire hauling company based out of Mississauga. At the heart of Envi-Recycle is the belief that there is tremendous value for used tires. As a company we haul almost a half a million tires yearly and have experienced exponential growth since starting the company in 2011. Tires collected are recycled or reused in various places all over the world. Our services include scrap tire pick-ups, de-rimming, rim purchase programs, competitive tire incentives, and much more. For more information, visit www.envi-recycle.com

About Trillium Tire
Trillium Tire is one of Ontario’s largest independent haulers of waste tires. With locations in Brantford, Ottawa, Niagara, and Thunder Bay, we provide efficient and reliable collection and disposal services to our clients across the Province. We have partnered with Ontario’s foremost processing companies to ensure environmentally responsible, value-added recycling of all waste. Trillium Tire is proud to participate in this years’ OARA/Sunshine Foundation Tire Take Back Days event along with many of our clients who are participating OARA members. We look forward to helping make 2017 the most successful year yet. Trillium Tire is proudly Canadian owned and operated. For more information, visit www.TrilliumTire.com

About Black2Green Tire Recycling
As a registered OTS Hauler, Black2Green Tire Recycling provides excellent scrap tire pick up and transportation services to Northern Ontario businesses. Our services include: Scheduled tire pickups, Stock pile clean ups, Wheel crushing/De-rimming services, Bin/Trailer services, etc. We are proud to take part in TTB once again in 2017 and feel that it is our high level of service as well as our unique understanding of the Northern Ontario market that makes us the ideal partner for events such as TTB. Along with our registered collectors and processors, we look forward to contributing to the success of Tire Take Back 2017 for the Sunshine Foundation. For our full list of services, visit www.black2green.ca

About CRM
CRM305176 Logo(Horiz)4c
With 5 plants across North America, CRM has positioned itself to be a strong manufacturer both socially and economically. Our manufacturing system features advanced mechanical, cryogenic and ambient processing technologies. Annually CRM recycles over 25 million tires into crumb rubber for use in sustainable products such as rubberized asphalt, synthetic turf fields and rubber molded products. As both a registered Processor and Hauler in the Ontario Tire Stewardship program, CRM has developed strong relationships with our customers to ensure service excellence and continued expansion in the marketplace. We at CRM feel privileged to be a part of this exciting Take Back Tires event with OARA, and hope our contributions help to make it a great success! Please visit crmrubber.com for more information.

About All Ontario Recycling
AOR is privileged and proud to participate in the 2017 OARA/Sunshine Foundation Tire Take Back Days event. For more than 25 years AOR has been a leading service provider to auto wrecking and scrap metal recycling yards throughout Ontario. Operating from locations in Barrie, Owen Sound and Muskoka, AOR is a registered OTS Hauler and Collector providing scrap tire pickup and transportation services to many Ontario businesses. Using its fleet of trucks, specialized trailers, heavy equipment and bins, AOR is able to handle all types and volumes of tires and scrap metal. Our road crews are fully mobile using the latest and most efficient mobile cranes, crushers, balers, shears and loaders. We guarantee timely swift and clean removal of your scrap material. For a full description of our services, please visit us at www.allontariorecycling.com for more information.

About Nexxsource Recycling
Nexxsource Recycling is a leader in North America reclaiming used tires and transforming millions of tires into raw material for smart, sustainable products that improve people’s lives. Nexxsource provides superb recycling services, products and customer satisfaction combined with a relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to our customers and their communities. Liberty, in partnership with OARA is excited and pleased to be making a significant contribution and commitment to the Tire Take Back program by providing on-site equipment/staff for tire removal and marketing resources at various events across the province. For more information, visit www.nexxsourcerecycling.com for more information.


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