Incentives for Collectors

Registered Collectors that meet the above Used Tires Program requirements are eligible for the following Benefits and Incentives: Ÿ

  • Free pick up of used tires by registered haulers
  • OTS point of sale (POS) material for customers Ÿ
  • Your name posted on the OTS website as a registered Collector Ÿ
  • Registered Collectors will receive a Used Tire Collection Allowance on tires received from residents.

Used Tires Program Collection Incentive Chart (Year 1)

Program Tire Classification Incentive per Collected Tire

Program Tire ClassificaitonIncentive Per Collected Tire
Medium Truck (MT) Tires$3.05
Off the Road (OTR) Tires$3.05
Passenger Light Truck (PL/T) Tires$0.88
Off the Road (OTR) Tires- less than or equal to 1 PTE $0.88

**One (1) Passenger Tire Equivalent (PTE) is equal to ten (10) kg**

To view the Collector claims reporting schedule, please click here