In addition to explaining the requirements and incentives as part of the Used Tires Program, this guidebook also includes:
  • Role description, requirements and incentives for Collectors
  • Collector Agreement
  • Instructions on how to register, including help with completing your application form
Collector Guidebook

Amendment to the OTS Collector Agreement

OTS requests that all Registered Collectors sign and return this revised Agreement by May 5, 2014. Please note that this Agreement will automatically come into effect on May 5, 2014. Click here to read the full announcement.

OTS Collector Agreement – February 2014 (pdf)

Signed Agreements may be e-mailed to, faxed to 866-884-7372 or mailed to 300 The East Mall, Suite 100, Toronto, Ontario, M9B 6B7.

Program Consultations

For current information and documents related to consultations, please visit the Program Consultations page.

OTS Sub Collector Program

Effective December 1, 2011, the Sub-Collector Program has changed. The Sub-Collector Program allows registered Collectors to accept eligible tires from non-registered organizations and claim them in accordance with OTS rules for Collector Claims filing. It allows smaller organization, which may find the administrative requirements of registration with OTS too burdensome, to have their tires managed by the program without having to pay for the removal.

Please review the Sub-Collector Letter, Sub-Collector section of the Collector Guidebook and the Sample Collector Agreement Change Notice regarding Sub-Collectors for details on the Sub-Collector Program. Any Registered Collector wishing to pursue Sub-Collector Agreements MUST contact OTS and request a Collector Agreement Change Notice. Sub-Collector Agreements must be approved by OTS prior to the Collector accepting any tires
from a potential Sub-Collector.

Pre-Program Tires

Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS) is aware that there are organizations in Ontario that may have significant quantities of used tires in inventory (tires collected or generated prior to September 1, 2009, referred to as Pre-Program Tires) that are not at this time eligible for free pick up by Haulers registered with OTS. It has been the policy of OTS that these pre-program tires remain the responsibility of the collector to manage, including assuming the responsibility to pay for the removal of these tires.

While used tires collected or generated in this manner are not the responsibility of the program to manage, OTS recognizes that Collectors may have difficulties absorbing the full up-front costs associated with removing these pre-program tires. As such, OTS has agreed to develop a process to facilitate the cleanup of these pre-program tires from registered Collectors.

Please review the Collector Pre-Program Tire Cleanup Letter and the Pre-Program Tire Cleanup Addendum for further details on this process. Registered Collectors wishing to pursue this option are asked to complete the Pre-Program Tire Cleanup Addendum and forward by mail to OTS for review.

OTS Policy Memo Regarding Collectors Supporting Information

OTS Policy Memo Regarding Collectors Supporting Information (pdf)

OTS Policy Memo on Used Tire Culling Reporting

OTS Policy Memo on Used Tire Culling Reporting (pdf)

Collector Tire Log

Sample Collector Tire Log (pdf) 

Training Presentations and Videos

Access prerecorded webinar sessions and learn about the roles and
requirements of a registered Collector under the Used Tires Program.

Collector TreadMarks Mobile Information Session (pdf)

Collector Claims Changes and Treadmarks Mobile as of October 1st 2014 (pdf)