Roles and Operations

Once registered with OTS and the Used Tires Program, Collectors are responsible for meeting the following requirements:


  • Reporting on the types and quantity of tires they collect


  • Accepting free used tire drop-offs for the types of used tires that they agree to collect (and that are part of the Program Plan). In addition to those tires, registered Collectors who are retailers are obligated to accept up to four used tires per person at no charge without the person having to make a purchase


  • Storing tires in accordance with Ministry of Environment and Fire Marshall Regulations and in a manner that ensures they are free of foreign material and excessive moisture and are secure and accessible for easy pick up


  • Using OTS registered Haulers for free pick up of tires


  • Keeping records of the number of used tires accumulated and the Hauler(s) who pick up their used tires in accordance with OTS requirements


  • Agree to wait until a minimum number of tires have been accumulated before calling for a pick up. The minimum number of tires is 50 tires in southern Ontario and 75 tires for northern Ontario. However, this number is negotiable between the registered Collector and registered Hauler.