Find a Tire Hauler

Are you a registered Collector looking for a Hauler to pick up your tires? To find a registered Hauler from our network, simply type in your postal code and we’ll provide you with a list of Haulers that service your area.

To help registered Collectors facilitate pick-up of tires, OTS has developed a "Find A Tire Hauler" locator tool. Simply type in your collection site's postal code and you'll see a list of Haulers who service your area.

The "Find A Tire Hauler" locator should be used when a Collector is having difficulty receiving service from their regular Hauler or for those Collectors who do not have a regular Hauler and are interested in securing regular and reliable pick-up service.

If a Collector is unable to arrange a Used Tire pick-up by a Registered Hauler, the Collector can request the assistance of OTS to facilitate a pick-up. A Collector must contact at least three Haulers before requesting OTS's assistance. Complete the form below to request an OTS-facilitated pick-up.

Please Note: In order to be eligible for an OTS-facilitated pick-up, Collectors in Southern Ontario must have a minimum of 50 used tires for pickup at their location; in Northern Ontario, a minimum of 75 used tires is required.

I have contacted the following 3 OTS-Registered Haulers:


#TBT to when we reached an impressive milestone of collecting and recycling 100 million tires. We're now at 117 million and counting! Thank you to everyone who helped us get here #Roadto100

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