Find a Tire Hauler

Are you a registered Collector looking for a Hauler to pick up your tires? To find a registered Hauler from our network, simply type in your postal code and we’ll provide you with a list of Haulers that service your area.

To help registered Collectors facilitate pick-up of tires, OTS has developed a "Find A Tire Hauler" locator tool. Simply type in your collection site's postal code and you'll see a list of Haulers who service your area.

The "Find A Tire Hauler" locator should be used when a Collector is having difficulty receiving service from their regular Hauler or for those Collectors who do not have a regular Hauler and are interested in securing regular and reliable pick-up service.

If a Collector is unable to arrange a Used Tire pick-up by a Registered Hauler, the Collector can request the assistance of OTS to facilitate a pick-up. A Collector must contact at least three Haulers before requesting OTS's assistance. Complete the form below to request an OTS-facilitated pick-up.

Please Note: In order to be eligible for an OTS-facilitated pick-up, Collectors in Southern Ontario must have a minimum of 50 used tires for pickup at their location; in Northern Ontario, a minimum of 75 used tires is required.

I have contacted the following 3 OTS-Registered Haulers: