In addition to explaining the requirements and incentives as part of the Used Tires Program, this guidebook also includes:

  • Role description, requirements and incentives for Haulers
  • Hauler Agreement
  • Instructions on how to register, including help with completing your application form
Hauler Guidebook 

Amendment to the OTS Hauler Agreement

OTS requests that all Registered Haulers sign and return this revised Agreement by May 5, 2014. Please note that this Agreement will automatically come into effect on May 5, 2014Click here to read the full announcement.

OTS Hauler Agreement – February 2014 (pdf)
Approved Purposes – Haulers (pdf)
Hauler Standards (pdf)
Hauler Mobile Device Agreement (pdf)

Signed Agreements may be e-mailed to, faxed to 866-884-7372 or mailed to 300 The East Mall, Suite 100, Toronto, Ontario, M9B 6B7.

Program Consultations

For current information and documents related to consultations, please visit the Program Consultations page.

FSA Listing by Processor Zone

FSA Listing by Processor Zone Sheet (pdf)

Tires on Rims

Tires being delivered on Rims (pdf)

OTS Policy Memo on Used Tire Culling Reporting

OTS Policy Memo on Used Tire Culling Reporting (pdf)

Hauler Standards

Hauler Standards May 1 2012 (pdf) 

Hauler Workshop Materials

OTS recently held workshops for Haulers which focused on:

  • Timeline and milestones for the 35-day payment period
  • Step-by-step directions to complete the Hauler claim spreadsheet
  • Special tire collections
  • Common errors and tips to improve claim quality
  • How to contact OTS

If you would like to review any of topics covered, you can find information on them in the slide deck.

Hauler Workshop (pdf)

Sample Hauler Forms

The forms you’ll find below are samples only; if you’d like to obtain full versions of any of them, please contact us at or 1-888-OTS-2202 (1-888-687-2202).

TCR – Tire Collection Receipt Form.pdf (pdf)

DOT – Dedicated Off the Road Tires (pdf)

UCR – Unregistred Collection Receipt Form (pdf)

HIT – Hauler Inventory Transfer Form (pdf)

STC – Special Tire Collection Form (pdf)

PTR – Processor Tire Receipt Form (pdf)

RTR – Reuse Tire Reporting Form (pdf)

Hauler Surplus Redirect Form (pdf)

Hauler Zero Activity Form (pdf)

Hauler Inventory Report (Yard Count) Form (pdf)

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Ipad Form (pdf)

OTS Estimated Weights

Tire Type Weight per Tire (KG)
PLT10 kg
MT 50 kg
AG/LS60 kg
IND40 kg
SOTR 120 kg
MOTR 580 kg
LOTR 740 kg
GOTR 1560 kg

Training Presentations and Videos

Access prerecorded webinar sessions and learn about the roles and
requirements of a registered Hauler under the Used Tires Program.

Hauler Online Claims Training

Haulers Operational Info and Educations Session Presentation

Hauler Treadmarks Mobile Training Session