Marketing Materials

A series of materials has been developed to assist in understanding the key components and benefits of the Used Tires Program. Registered Collectors will find these materials useful for their collection sites, retail locations, municipal offices and service areas to help explain the program and answer questions for their customers.

Consumer Brochure

This consumer-focused brochure provides compelling tire recycling statistics and a brief overview of the Used Tires Program and its achievements. Plus, you will find information on a host of products made from recycled tires and the benefits they provide consumers.

Consumer Brochure  

Are You Registered as a Collector Yet?

Focused on why to become a Registered Collector with OTS, this brochure outlines the benefits of registering with the OTS Used Tires Program and how to get started in the program.

Collector Brochure

Let Your Community Know

Registered as a collector, now it’s time to let your community know. This poster shares a handful of the benefits of recycling used tires, what they can transform into, and when & where community members can drop them off.

Collector Poster (Colour) Collector Poster (Black & White)


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