Roles and Operations

Once registered with Ontario Tire Stewardship and the Used Tires Program, Processors are responsible for meeting the following:

  • Registering with the Used Tires Program and signing the Processor Agreement with OTS
  • Providing proof of sale of Tire-Derived Products (TDPs)
  • Accepting tires from all registered Haulers for no charge, where capacity permits (only applies to the types of tires that the Processor is registered to accept)
  • Providing proof of end-use of the TDPs sold and demonstrating that these materials are being used by their customers in a manner compliant with the diversion objectives of the program. This will be reviewed regularly by OTS.



Happy #EarthDay! We're committed to diverting waste from landfills by properly collecting & recycling old tires. How are you showing your green impact?

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