Register for the Program


Following the steps below and the resources provided will help you understand your role in the Program, how to register and the support that OTS will be providing to you after you register.


STEP 1: Who Should Register?

The Used Tires Program has defined five roles who need to register:

  1. Stewards: Import or Manufacture New Tires
  2. Collectors: Accept and Store Used Tires
  3. Haulers: Transport Used Tires to a Processor
  4. Processors: Convert Used Tires into Recycled Rubber
  5. Recycled Product Manufacturers: Manufacture New Products from Recycled  Rubber


Before you register, you need to decide which of these roles applies to you. The guides below are designed to help you decide.

Registrant Identification Guide.pdf


Potential Stewards can also access the Rules for Stewards which contain the full definition of a Steward.

Rules for Stewards.pdf


STEP 2: Review your Registrant Guidebook(s)

Now that you know the role(s) you will play in the Program, the Guidebooks will explain in detail all of your obligations and/or responsibilities and requirements, and take you through everything needed to begin the registration process. The Guidebook for each Program Participant can be found in the respective individual sections under Resources.


STEP 3: Register

If you wish to register under the OTS program as a participant please enter your email address and the type of role in which you would like to apply for in the box below:

Below you will find a chart which provides you with all additional documentation that must be uploaded with your application.

Additional Required Information StewardCollector Hauler Processor Recycled Product Manufactuer (RPM)
Copy of Master Business License(if applicable)N/A YES YES YESYES
Copy of Articles of Incorporation (if applicable)N/AYESYESYESYES
Copy of Commercial Liability Insurance (if applicable)N/AYES
Up to $1,000,000 coverage
Up to $2,000,000 coverage & OTS listed as an additional insurer
Up to $5,000,000 coverage & OTS listed as an additional insurer
Up to $5,000,000 coverage & OTS listed as an additional insurer
WSIB Documentation (if applicable)N/A YESYESYES YES
Proof of Processor RelationshipN/AN/AYESN/AN/A
Certificate of Approval (if applicable)N/AN/AYESYESN/A
Proof of sold or potential sales of products N/AN/AN/AYES YES

Registration Information Session

Need additional information around the registration process? Our previously held registration information session contains valuable information regarding the Used Tires Program and registration, including step-by-step guidance around the online registration process. Access the presentation and the complete recording of the session below.

View our Registration Information Session to learn more.

Presentation: Click here for Registration Information Session (pdf)


Can’t Find an Answer?

If you have any registration questions, you can contact OTS directly:

Email us at  OR call us at the OTS Registration Centre: 1-888-OTS-2202.


Stay in the loop by checking out @rpra_ont compliance #BULLETINS for updates on regulatory requirements and more.

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