Roles and Operations

Recycled Product Manufacturers (RPMs) manufacture raw materials into many innovative recycled products such as sports fields, playground surfacing and rubberized asphalt. The Used Tires Program will help promote the development of a province-wide market for such products and provide RPMs with incentives for turning diverted used tires into higher end uses based on the 3Rs (reduction, reuse and recycling) principles.

RPMs who register with the Program may receive manufacturing incentives upon proof of sale of these products in accordance with the Program Plan. Recycled product technologies that are eligible for these incentives include molded goods, calendared goods and extruded goods.

The economic stimulus provided under the Program will help RPMs thrive, build Ontario’s Green economy, and capitalize on emerging growth opportunities.

Registration as a Recycled Product Manufacturer (RPM) with OTS is open to organizations that meet the following criteria:

  • Have manufacturing operations in  Ontario
  • Are manufacturing using recycled rubber from Ontario tires
  • Are moulding, calendaring or extruding products containing recycled tire rubber
  • Are able to provide proof of compliance with applicable laws
  • Meet the minimum vendor standards contained in the RPM Agreement

For more information on becoming a registered Recycled Product Manufacturer please Contact Us.