Roles & Operations

Stewards have a legislated responsibility to report the types and number of tires supplied into the Ontario market and to remit corresponding Tire Stewardship Fees (TSF). Through these fees alone, collected by OTS, the ongoing collection, storage, transportation, processing, reuse and recycling of used tires is able to continue.

A Steward’s TSF Remittance Package, TSF Remittance Form and payment (cheque/money order), needs to be submitted monthly to Ontario Tire Stewardship and must be submitted via mail. Timely and accurate TSF remittance ensures the efficient and effective operation of the Used Tires Program.

A penalty of 10% of the Tire Stewardship Fees due and payable OR Interest at the Base Interest Rate, plus 3% on any outstanding balance due, may be applied to any late TSF remittances.

Stewards are responsible for ensuring accuracy and storage of the information supporting the TSF remittance. OTS reserves the right to call upon this information and any other supporting documentation to verify the accuracy of a Steward’s remittance report.