Collector Wind-Up Information

Key Wind-Up Plan information for Collecotrs can be found below. This information will be updated as details are finalized.

Key Dates

For the most current information about key dates and deadlines for Collectors, please visit our Dates & Deadlines tab here.
Sub-Collector Deposits

Any sub-Collector deposits remitted to OTS will be returned following the wind-up of the Used Tires Program. Deposits will be returned in Q1/Q2 2019, as part of OTS’ final Collector CA claims payments.
Business Data

To support a smooth transition to the new legislative framework, OTS will be providing individual Collector business data to RPRA. This data will include key contact information, annual Claims, volume reports, etc. Following the wind-up of the Used Tires Program, all Participant data in OTS’ possession will be destroyed according to industry-accepted security protocols to protect proprietary and confidential business information.
Historical Reporting

All OTS-registered Collectors are encouraged to download their historical data (submitted Claims, CA payouts, etc.) from TreadMarks no later than February 28, 2019. Please contact OTS if you require assistance downloading your data from TreadMarks.
QR Codes
Please continue to use your OTS-issued QR Codes. OTS will provide instructions at a later date related to the disposal of your QR code following the wind-up of the Used Tires Program.
RPRA Registry

All Collectors wishing to provide collection services to Producers in 2019, and beyond, must be registered with the Authority no later than October 31, 2018. Details regarding the Registry and Collector registration obligations can be found on RPRA’s website here.
Promotion & Education (Marketing) Materials

OTS will make available, in digital format, relevant OTS-produced Marketing materials and collateral to Used Tires Program Participants. Participants interested in leveraging materials created by OTS as part of our Promotion and Education activities and efforts will have the opportunity to access materials. Artwork files are now available for download. To access files, please click here.
Information Sessions

OTS will host a series of information sessions, via webcast, for Collectors in Q3/Q4 2019. These sessions will provide information specifically related to Collectors and will provide further details regarding Operational matters affecting Collectors resulting from the wind-up of the Used Tires Program. Information Session details will be posted at a later date on OTS’ website here.
Key Contacts

The Authority will continue to provide updates and detailed information related to the transition to the new legislative framework and Collector responsibilities under the Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act, 2016. Information will be posted on the Authority’s site here. Questions related to the new framework or obligations should be directed to the Authority at Any questions related to OTS and the current Used Tires Program can be directed to