3 simple tips to reduce waste during Waste Reduction Week

17.10.17 | Blog, Home

No matter the time of year, keeping waste to a minimum is essential. To help Ontarians stay on track, Waste Reduction Week is celebrated each year in October to encourage environmentally-friendly practices that empower others to reduce, reuse and recycle waste.

Here are three simple tips to limit your landfill contribution and keep the circular economy in action:

  1. Litter-less lunch. Whether packing lunch for the kids or to take to the office, you can reduce waste by saying goodbye to plastic wrap and bags and invest in reusable containers and totes. Make meal prep even easier by transferring dinner leftovers into your lunch containers and you’ll be set for the morning.


  1. Second-hand love. As the temperature falls, we shuffle clothing from our closets to storage. Before you pack up last season, sort through clothing and donate gently used pieces your family has outgrown, giving your items a second life and saving storage space.


Don’t stop at clothing — think seasonal décor, too. More than half of Ontarians look for used, recycled or reclaimed home furnishings. While dropping off donations, pop in and look around — you may find the perfect item for your home.

Mother and daughter preparing toys and clothes to donate for charity.

  1. Tire transfer. It’s important to check your old tires and consider whether last year’s winter tires will help keep your family safe on the road for another season. If the tread is less than half a penny in depth, it may be time for new wheels.


By recycling your tires through our Used Tires Program, your family is helping transform your treads into sustainable boot trays, mats, planters, gym floors and much more. In fact, this year Ontario recycled its 100 millionth tire, keeping them out of landfills and helping create a variety of sustainable products.


We challenge you to continue your waste reduction efforts beyond this week and help to reduce waste every day. Learn more about Waste Reduction Week.


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