4 green ways to show your love on Valentine’s Day

10.02.17 | Blog


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and while it’s a day designed to show your love, it can quickly turn into a day of waste   Filled with purchased cards, boxes of chocolates and long stem roses wrapped in sheets and sheets of paper and cellophane, the celebration of love can result in a negative impact on our environment. This Valentine’s, we challenge you to take a green approach to the day – a day when everything is red – with these four green ways to show your love.

  1. The gift of a plant. Forget cut flowers that will only last a week. Opt for a plant to symbolize your lasting love. Plus, it will help improve the air quality in your home. Bonus!


  1. What’s old is new again. If you’re looking to give jewelry, why not pick an antique piece or family heirloom? Not only will it have a history behind it, you’ll also be reusing something that already exists rather than buying something new.


  1. Do it yourself. Whether you have a beautiful voice, can paint an eye-catching piece or can cook a drool-worthy meal, use your talents to create the perfect gift for your partner.


  1. Dim the lights. What better way to set the mood for a romantic dinner than to dim the lights. Not only will this create the perfect ambience for a Valentine’s Day evening at home, but you’ll also conserve energy.


Whether you’re trying to find a gift, a dinner reservation or the perfect recipe, keep these tips in mind to have a green Valentine’s Day.


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