Adjustments to 2014 TSF Remittances & Stewards Reports

13.07.15 | Announcements

The deadline to file adjustments to 2014 remittance periods is approaching.

All negative adjustments to 2014 periods must be submitted to OTS by September 30th, 2015.

Adjustments submitted after this time may not be authorized by OTS. This includes the types of adjustments outlined in Section 3 of the Steward Guidebook which can be found here

Negative Adjustments

OTS acknowledges that in some instances there may be a situation where a Steward may need to make a negative adjustment on a TSF Remittance form. For example, negative adjustments may occur as a result of tires being supplied out of Ontario that were reported as supplied in to Ontario on an earlier Report. These adjustments would result in a negative balance of tires supplied when being reported in the monthly remittances. Stewards are asked to report the negative portion of the monthly adjustment on a TSF Negative Adjustment Form (available online at

The submission of a TSF Negative Adjustment Form should be used:

•To account for tires that have been supplied outside of Ontario;
•To adjust for reporting discrepancies discovered;
•To adjust for returned tires; and/or

Upon submission of the TSF Negative Adjustment Form, OTS will review the refund requested. At any time, OTS may request additional information to support the refund request, which is at the sole discretion of OTS. Once approved, OTS will issue a cheque for the approved refund amount. OTS will only issue refunds to the Steward who originally remitted the Tire Stewardship Fee to OTS directly. Stewards cannot request and/or receive a refund for Tire Stewardship Fees that were originally remitted by another Steward.
Stewards are responsible for ensuring accuracy and maintenance of the information supporting both the TSF remittances and TSF Refund Forms. OTS reserves the right to call upon this information and any other supporting documentation (such as shipping documents or a Charted Accountant Report) to verify the accuracy of a Steward’s request and remittance.

For more information please contact OTS at




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