CAA SCO RecycleDrive: Driving recycling success across Ontario

25.11.15 | Blog

Since 2010, CAA South Central Ontario (CAA SCO) and OTS have proudly partnered on the RecycleDrive campaign. Through education and awareness, CAA SCO encourages motorists to find ways to make small changes to their driving habits that result in big, positive impacts on the environment. The annual RecycleDrive campaign provides an opportunity for Ontarians to recycle their used batteries, oil and tires in a free and responsible manner.

Eco-responsible Ontarians have made RecycleDrive a huge success.  Since its inception, the campaign has collected almost 29,000 items, including 8,725 tires!


Facilities across the province collect used batteries, oil and tires year-round, and RecycleDrive is a great way to educate community members  of how and where to responsibly recycle these items.

Every year during RecycleDrive, the stakes are high. The CAA Approved Auto Repair Services (AARS) facility that collects the most tires wins the opportunity to select a school or play space in their community to be revitalized.  The winning community receives $10,000 of greenery and materials courtesy of CAA SCO, and $10,000 in recycled rubber products thanks to OTS. In addition to creating awareness and offering additional drop-off locations during the two-week RecycleDrive campaign, the community revitalization prize is an important incentive to help Ontarians see how their contributions directly help improve public spaces in their community.

In June 2015, the revitalization of Elgin Court Public School’s courtyard in St. Thomas, Ontario, was revealed. In addition to the $20,000 revitalization prize, the school was able to secure additional funds through a local community grant and successful school-level fundraising. The combined funding resulted in the school’s previously under-utilized courtyard being completely redesigned. It now includes an outdoor classroom, fruit and vegetable planters, a quiet corner with tables, beautiful gardens and large trees for shade. Almost 2,200 tires worth of recycled rubber was used in the space as flooring and rubber mulch.

Elgin Court before after

RecycleDrive doesn’t stop there. Along with the community revitalization project, the RecycleDrive program plants one tree for each recyclable dropped off. Just another way of making small changes in local communities that result in a big impact!

Stay tuned to see another exciting revitalization project unfold!


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