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21.11.14 | Blog

Did you know that each year in Ontario, 12 million scrap tires from vehicles like cars, motorcycles, trucks and tractors reach the end of their life and are collected, sorted and recycled, right here in the province? In fact, since the tire recycling program started in 2009, more than 60 million tires have been diverted from landfills and recycled into other creative uses.

Tire Recycling Process

Tires are shredded into small pieces, which are then used to make new products

Remarkable Rubber

Despite having already traveled tens of thousands of kilometers on your car, recycled rubber is given new life as it’s transformed into an ever-growing number of innovative products for communities and homes alike. From planters and doormats to rubber paving and playground surfacing, recycled rubber is showing up in more places around communities than ever before.

One benefit to working with durable recycled tire rubber is that it doesn’t harden or crack when the temperature dips, making it fantastic for outdoor surfaces in the winter and the perfect material to stop slips in the common areas of skating arenas.

Pavers Rink-Side

They might look like bricks, but these pavers are made from recycled rubber


Tire-d and True: fabulous flooring for skating buffs  

Last winter the Township of McNab/Braeside in Eastern Ontario was looking to update and increase the safety of their skating facilities. Primarily used by children, protective matting made from durable rubber was a good solution to provide the much-needed facelift while effectively cushioning falls, and protecting skate blades from damage in cold skating arenas.

Skates on rink matting

These skates will stay sharp for their time on the ice

The surface was provided by North West Rubber Ltd., an innovative Canadian company that produces a range of recycled rubber products including recreational flooring and playground surfacing, diverting tens of millions of pounds of rubber each year from landfills.

Community members were thrilled with their newly renovated rinks and loved how they became a way to show children how to be responsible citizens by using green products made from old recycled tires. Learn more about using eco-friendly recycled rubber products in our product section.

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