Creating a circular economy in Ontario

14.08.17 | Blog

At OTS, through our waste diversion work, we are helping to create the conditions necessary for the tire industry to have a circular economy which will grow and thrive – and we think we are well on our way!

Since the organization’s inception, we have helped to keep more than 100 million tires out of landfills with a focus on diverting waste. In the early days, the question was how to transform the tires into new uses. Our organization wanted to ensure that the tires collected would be recycled into high value, sustainable products – and most importantly, not burned, disposed of in landfills or illegally dumped.

And so was born OTS’s Research and Development grant program.

We have invested over one million dollars into research and development, bringing together academia, and government and industry leaders to help businesses realize the true potential of their ideas.

These grants are not only great for the planet, but also yield many tangible benefits as well – like job creation, production efficiencies and new uses for raw materials.

Some of our work has included:

Tyromer Inc – which has commercialized an innovative new process to enhance the up-cycling of recycled tire rubber through devulcanizing rubber – a process that is now being looked at globally.

Moose Creek Tire Recycling – which was able to expand and modernize its tire recycling facilities adding much needed capacity and addressing an important industry in agriculture.

Open house visitors at Moose Creek Tire Recycling look on as André Laflèche explains the tire recycling process

Other Research and Development grants have included investments into automating manufacturing processes, improving energy usages and upgrading facilities to keep workers safe. OTS’s grants have supported these innovations and fostered the use of recycled rubber goods in a variety of industries, including agriculture, military, landscaping and automotive.

At OTS, we are proud of the work we have done to create a circular economy, where used tires are no longer seen as waste, but as a valuable product that can take on a new life.


The opening of Tyromer’s groundbreaking facility in Waterloo, Ont.



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