Don’t let tire maintenance dampen your spirits

22.03.18 | Blog, Home

With road trip season around the corner, tire maintenance is essential to keeping your wheels in motion. As Canadians, we know the change in season can bring unpredictable driving conditions. From unexpected spring snowfalls to April showers, and even surprise ice, it’s best to be prepared for the road conditions.


“Tougher driving conditions mean more wear and tear on your tires, so it’s a good idea to check your tires before hitting the road – especially if they’ve already seen a few seasons,” says Andrew Horsman, Executive Director, Ontario Tire Stewardship. “While its always important to have a well-maintained set of tires on your vehicle, the difference in performance can be even more dramatic when faced with unpredictable conditions.”

Driving cautiously and being aware of your surroundings is the best way to stay safe on the roads. So, skip unwanted slips and skids and plan ahead by following these tips:

  • Cap It. If tire valve caps are left off, the moisture in the valves can freeze when it’s cold, leading to escaped air and a flat tire. Putting a lid on them can help prevent hazardous outcomes.
  • Stay Alert. Harsh weather conditions in early spring will challenge the traction of your tires. Incorporate tire pressure checks into your regular routine to help your tires maintain their grip.
  • Consistency is Key. Make sure that you are using winter tires on all four wheels until it’s time to switch to all-seasons. Try avoiding mixing different tread patterns, size and construction. This can impact performance and lead to dangerous skids.
  • Rotation, Rotation, Rotation. Monitor for wear and tear on your tires. To ensure a smooth ride and increased tread life, rotate your tires every 8,000 kilometers or less.
  • Replace and Recycle Responsibly. One aspect of safe driving is knowing when it is time to retire your old tires. Replace your tires every two-to-three seasons and drop-off up to 4 used tires, free of charge, at a registered Ontario Tire Stewardship collector.


Have your tires reached their end of life? Drop them off for free at one of 7,000 collector locations across Ontario. Find out more here.


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