Don’t put tire maintenance on cruise control

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Proper maintenance is the best way to keep tires in good condition and on the road as long as possible. We just have to remember to do our part.

When the temperatures start to dip, experts advise that there are a few extra steps we should take to stay safe in the sleet and snow.

Winter tire in snow

Winter tires give you traction in cold weather and snow. Regular maintenance keeps you safe on the road all season.

To remember these tips, think about your PART in keeping your vehicle’s tires in good condition: Pressure, Alignment, Rotation, and Tread.

Tire pressure should be checked once a month or when outdoor temperatures change significantly, like during the first frosts and snowfalls. The recommended pressure for your vehicle is usually found on the edge of the driver’s door or doorpost. Wheel alignment is important too and should be checked annually, or if you feel that your car is pulling to the side when you’re diving. Rotation is advised every 10,000 kilometers to balance the wear-and-tear – and the tread depth should be at least 3.2 millimetres. Also look for cuts, snags, punctures, or irregular wear, which may be harder to spot on snowy tires.

Ontario Tire Stewardship also suggests a few guidelines for extending the life of your tires during the winter:

  • Put a lid on it. If tire valve caps are left off, the moisture in the valves can freeze leading to escaped air and a flat tire, which can be hazardous in slippery conditions.
  • Stay watchful. Check tire pressure regularly as cold temperatures can have a big impact on the air in tires. Good traction is especially important in the winter and proper pressure helps tires maintain their grip.
  • Be consistent. Use winter tires on all four wheels. Inconsistent traction can lead to sliding and skidding.
  • Replace and recycle. One aspect of safe winter driving is knowing when tires have outlived their lifespan. Replace winter tires every two to three seasons, and drop off up to four used tires, free of charge, at a registered Ontario Tire Stewardship collector.

Is it time to scrap your tires? Drop off up to four tires for free at one of 7,000 collector locations across Ontario. Find one near you.


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