Frankie Flowers’ Recycled Garden at Canada Blooms

27.03.17 | Blog


OTS’s presence really blossomed at this year’s Canada Blooms, an annual gardening Festival that takes place in Toronto and connects attendees looking to stretch their green thumbs and see what is trending in landscape design and horticultural activity. This year, an engaged crowd of aspiring garden gurus were treated to an informative and entertaining presentation by none other than Frankie Flowers.

Frankie educated onlookers on some of the new and not so new trends emerging with respect to the recycled garden. One thing that he emphasized to the crowd was to take some lessons on recycling from our more industrious and resourceful ancestors, who often used things like bath water, egg shells and fish bits to fortify their garden plots. They practiced container gardening long before we did, and would grow tomatoes out of a tire, as the tire provides a raised platform for the tomatoes to flourish. With this process, there are fewer weeds than planting tomatoes in a more conventional fashion, the soil gets warmer faster, and most importantly, the tire beds yield a faster harvest!

Frankie highlighted the recycled materials that can be used in present-day gardens and highlighted the variety of ways tires can be put to good use in the form of planters, outdoor tires and garden edging.

In addition to the presentation from Frankie, Rethink Tires brand ambassadors and partners were onsite to reveal the latest in products made from recycled tire rubber to incorporate into your own backyard. Multy Home provided demonstrations showcasing EZ Rubber, an amazing DIY solution to paving and design made entirely from crumb rubber.

Consumers were more interested than ever before in learning about green solutions for their backyard and Rethink Tires offered many easy solutions to enhance your gardens with a positive green impact.

Thanks for a great presentation Frankie!


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