Recycled Tire Products Make Easy DIY Garden Projects

Krista Cassidy | 28.03.13 | Blog

Spring is finally upon us and you may be eager to get out into the garden in preparation for a season of enjoying your outdoor space. Maybe you started some seeds indoors weeks ago and are eagerly awaiting the last spring frost date before taking those precious seedlings outdoors.

Even though it’s not quite planting weather in Ontario, there are plenty of things you can do to get your yard and garden ready for spring. OTS was out at the National Home Show and Canada Blooms last week, and we got some great ideas for ways to refresh the backyard. Our friends at Multy Home were just across the hall from our booth showcasing some new products like their Stomp Stone pavers and garden edging. With Stomp Stone you can put down a walkway or garden edge in minutes; just put the tile on the grass or soil and stomp it in!

Stomp Stone

Speaking of garden edging, we also saw EcoBorder at the show with their beautiful, flexible, and highly durable edging that easily installs in minutes. Pair this garden border with Heffco’s rubber mulch and you’ve got a low-maintenance garden that will look beautiful for years to come!

EcoBorder Garden Edging

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So whether you’re out to create a lush garden or you just need a patio on which to lounge and enjoy a glass of sangria after waiting out a long winter, recycled tire products can help you create that lovely outdoor space.

What do you plan to do with your garden this spring, and do you plan on using any recycled products to create an environmentally-friendly space?

3 thoughts on “Recycled Tire Products Make Easy DIY Garden Projects

  1. Melody

    I already have rubber mulch, but like the look of the new garden edging, think that will be in my basket this spring!

  2. Shivangi

    I want to use rubber mulch in my home garden but I’ve a doubt.
    Is rubber mulch environmentally friendly compared to wood mulch?
    As per my knowledge, many rubber products are not biodegradable and in turn can harm environment.

    1. Krista Cassidy Post author

      Hi Shivangi, rubber mulch is non-toxic and non-leaching. It does not biodegrade so it will last for years of effective use. If after a time you decide you want to remove it from your garden, it can be re-used in other landscape applications or playgrounds.


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