Recycled Tire Rubber Products For Builders & Managers

27.11.17 | Blog


Builders and building managers are discovering the many advantages of using products made from recycled tire rubber. Enhanced durability & resilience. Easy maintenance & installation. Improved safety & comfort. Increased impact absorption. And that’s just the beginning.

Environment & Community
Recycling conserves landfill space and saves natural resources. It can also bring new jobs and revenue to communities. Recycled tire rubber improves safety on recreational surfaces. It’s used in landscaping pavers & tiles, and turned into rubber mulch, artificial turf and playground surfacing. It can also provide a flat surface that increases accessibility for people with mobility challenges and parents with strollers.

Attractive & Innovative
A recycling program can be a major selling point for a building or facility. Cities are promoting recycling to increase their multi-housing diversion rates, so be proactive and you’ll be ready for the future!

The equation is simple; the more waste, the higher the bill. Bringing recycling to your building may reduce your garbage collection service and take advantage of lower (sometimes free) recycling service rates.



You’ll Be Floored
Crumb rubber from tires is used to make a variety of indoor and outdoor flooring and underlayment products. Applications include sports and work place flooring, playground surfacing, and driveways and paths. These products satisfy established performance standards and offer superb acoustic insulation properties, enhanced cushioning, durability and long-lasting performance.

Raise The Roof
Many contemporary roofing systems now incorporate crumb rubber from tires in a variety of residential and commercial projects. In addition to satisfying established technical performance standards, they enhance a roofing system’s flexibility, flow characteristics and fatigue resistance. Other products include shake rubber roofing tiles that keep houses cool in summer and warm in winter. They’re maintenance-free, fire-resistant, immune to insects and are resistant to rot, mildew and moss.

Seal The Deal
Crumb rubber is added to a variety of sealants, coatings and caulking to enhance their performance characteristics providing superior repairs on on asphalt, concrete driveways and parking lots, which helps repair cracks in a variety of surfaces.

Waterproof Positive
The next generation of waterproofing technologies are realizing the benefits of tire recycling, too. Crumb rubber from recycled tires offers superior waterproofing properties, resiliency and flexibility when used in roofing, decking and flooring.

Ramp It Up
Recycled tire rubber ramps have no load weight limitations, as opposed to other construction materials like aluminum, wood and plastic. Rubber accessibility ramps are solid, durable and slip resistant. Installation is easy and can be accomplished in minutes.



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