Sixth annual Tire Take Back event raised over $115,000 for The Sunshine Foundation of Canada

28.07.15 | News


Over 62,000 tires collected to fulfill dreams for children living with severe disabilities, with Sudbury’s Rock City Auto Supplies leading the charge

TORONTO, July 23, 2015 – Earlier this year in June, as part of the sixth annual Tire Take Back event, Ontarians came together to collect tires in order to fulfill the dreams of Ontario children within The Sunshine Foundation of Canada’s network. During the six day long event, between June 1st and 6th, Ontarians were encouraged to drop off as many of their used tires at participating collectors across the province. Organized by Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS) and the Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association (OARA), in association with Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA), Ontario residents collected 62,891 tires, helping raise $115,876 for The Sunshine Foundation of Canada.

“Ontario’s continued commitment to responsibly recycling their used tires and enthusiasm for the Tire Take Back program never ceases to amaze me,” said Andrew Horsman, Executive Director of OTS. “We are thankful that together we are able to fulfill so many dreams through The Sunshine Foundation and responsibly recycle Ontario’s tires along the way.”

Tire Take Back is a friendly competition across Ontario communities and this year, Rock City Auto Supplies Ltd. in Sudbury, Ontario came on top, collecting 14,837 tires, resulting in $26,238 of the total funds raised for The Sunshine Foundation. Over six years of Tire Take Back, upwards of $900,000 have been raised through the program.

“The dedication and spirit of our participating collectors and haulers in support of The Sunshine Foundation of Canada is always remarkable,” said Steve Fletcher, Executive Director of OARA. “We started the Tire Take Back event because we and our members believe in the work The Sunshine Foundation does. We’re proud to work together with great partners to bring awareness to responsible tire recycling.”

“We are deeply grateful to be the charity partner supporting this dedicated partnership of OARA, OTS and OFA. 2015 has been another outstanding year of tire collection with tire currency providing vital funds for Sunshine’s Dreams for Kids programs,” says Nancy Sutherland, Chief Executive Officer of The Sunshine Foundation of Canada. “The Tire Take Back recycling program gives tire donors the opportunity to see new dreams come true from old tires. Children living with severe disabilities or life threatening illnesses can dream big knowing communities across Ontario have come together to support their most cherished dreams. On behalf of our staff and volunteers, thank you OARA, OTS, OFA and each hauler and processor for making this year such a resounding success.”

The Sunshine Foundation of Canada was presented with a cheque during a ceremony held on July 23rd, 2015 at 10:30 a.m. EDT at Rock City Auto Supplies Ltd. in Sudbury. Photos from the collection events and cheque ceremony are available upon request.

About The Sunshine Foundation

Sunshine is the only national Canadian charity impacting the lives of children living with severe physical disabilities or life-threatening illnesses by making their dreams come true. Dreams allow children to escape from the daily regimen and challenges of living with a severe physical disability or life-threatening illness and provide children with a sense of freedom, empowerment and joy. Since its inception in 1987, Sunshine has fulfilled dreams for more than 7,500 children across Canada. For more information, visit or follow The Sunshine Foundation on Twitter at @SunshineFound.

About OARA

The Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association represents 125 professional auto recyclers across Ontario who recover and recycle end-of-life vehicles for their parts reuse and materials recycling. For more information, visit

About OTS

Established in 2009, Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS) is an Industry Funding Organization (IFO) incorporated under Ontario’s Waste Diversion Act, to implement and operate the Used Tires Program.

At OTS, we are transforming the relationship Ontarians have with the lifecycle of their tires, through a comprehensive approach that takes into account our environment, our economy and our quality of life. Through the Used Tires program, 100 per cent of Ontario tires get efficiently and responsibly recycled into new products, leading to more livable communities and a growing green economy in this province.

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