TreadMarks License Agreement, Code & Documentation Now Available

20.08.18 | Announcements

In accordance with the approved Wind-Up Plan, OTS has been working over the past months to prepare to distribute its proprietary material tracking and resource planning system, TreadMarks, to interested organizations that have obligations for tire diversion in Ontario under the Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act (RRCEA). This work has included the creation of a License Agreement to be executed between OTS and interested, qualified organizations or individuals, custom development to allow Licensees to readily establish and configure their instance of TreadMarks, and the preparation of a robust suite of system documentation for both technical support and system users.

This work has now been completed and OTS is pleased to announce that it is prepared to begin executing completed License Agreements as a first step towards releasing of the TreadMarks code and documentation.  The License Agreement can be found on the OTS website here and should be downloaded, reviewed, signed and returned to OTS via email at Upon receiving signed License Agreements, OTS will review the prospective Licensee’s qualification as outlined in the Agreement, and upon successful completion will counter sign and return to the Licensee.

Following the return of the fully-executed License, OTS will electronically share the TreadMarks code and documentation via our file sharing service, DropBox. Licensees will be able to download the code and documentation onto their own systems and then proceed with setting up their instance of TreadMarks.

Should you have any questions regarding TreadMarks, the License or the process for receiving the code or documentation, please e-mail OTS at . We look forward to receiving your signed Agreements and working together to deliver the wind-up of the Used Tires Program at the end of 2018.